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Your investment needs often change as personal events in life occur... marriage, retirement, education, starting or selling your business, death of a loved one, divorce, birth of a child, career change, buying or selling a property or moving to a new city to name a few.

Dettlaff & Company can help you through any life event while planning for you or your family's financial future.

Whether you are trying to Preserve Wealth, Outpace Inflation or Obtain Maximum Capital Appreciation, a qualified Dettlaff & Company registered representative of MML Investors Services, LLC can assist you in achieving your goals.





Types of Accounts Available:

• Individual
• Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship
• Tenants In Entirety
• Community Property
• Transfer On Death

• 529 Plan
• Coverdell

• IRA Rollover
• Roth
• 403(b)
• Roth IRA-BDA
• Simple IRA

Business Entity/Estate Accounts
• Corporation
• Limited Liability
• Partnership
• Unincorporated Association
• Profit Sharing
• Money Purchase
• 401(k)
• Trust Account