Life Insurance

Buying life insurance online can be tricky and involve a great deal of uncertainty. Life insurance is much too important not team up with a professional to discuss specifically what you're worth. What's the right amount? What kind will accomplish what I want and need? How do I go about protecting myself, family and assets properly. What is my "Human Life Value"?

At Dettlaff & Company we are ready to help you sift through the dozens of policies, literally thousands of companies to best educate and protect you properly. Representatives at Dettlaff & Company regularly attend ongoing educational programs, and continuing education is mandatory.

At a minimum, all Dettlaff & Company Financial Representatives must:

  • Hold a license to provide insurance, annuity and investment products in the states in which they do business
  • Be registered in the state(s) in which they sell
  • Complete a mandatory number of training courses per year (exact number varies by state)

Dettlaff & Company representatives are equipped to assist in placing life insurance policies for things as simple as needing a death benefit to help cover expenses should something happen to you, such as a mortgage, to complex estate and business life insurance policies and programs.

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How Can You Best Protect Yourself and the People In Your Life?

Your life is full of people you care about, and life insurance is an excellent way to help restore your family's financial security, provide peace of mind and a legacy for generations to come if something happens to you. But what kind of policy will best provide for their needs and comforts?



Examples of Policy Types:

1. If you'd like coverage for a long time and cash-value accumulation is important to you:
For example, cash values can supplement college funding, down payment on an income property, start your own business, retirement income, can be borrowed against, buy a car or can be used to pay future premiums.

Whole Life Insurance can provide a lifetime of coverage with the ability for cash-value accumulation*. Generally whole life policies offer a guaranteed death benefit and cash value account. This is a type of "Permanent" life insurance. Many whole life policies pay dividends that can accumulate in the policy, reduce your premium or paid in cash. The cash growing inside of a permanent life policy grows tax-deferred and can be borrowed against or withdrawn on a tax favored basis.

Variable Life Insurance can also provide a lifetime of coverage. With this type of life insurance, the cash-value is invested in various funding options according to your risk tolerance and investment objectives. This is also a type of "Permanent" life insurance.


2. If you'd like coverage for a long time and cash-value accumulation is less important to you.

Universal Life Insurance offers flexible premiums, can provide you with a lifetime of coverage with less emphasis on cash accumulation. This too, is a type of "Permanent" life insurance.


3. If you'd like coverage for a limited length of time and no cash value.

Term Life Insurance provides simple, temporary and limited-term coverage (such as to cover a mortgage or other debt), that is initially the least expensive. It provides no cash value, pays no dividends and coverage generally ends at a given point in time.


*Access to cash values through borrowing or partial surrenders will reduce the policy’s cash value and death benefit, increase the chance the policy will lapse, and may result in a tax liability if the policy terminates before the death of the insured. Dividends are not guaranteed.