Disability Income Insurance

For the times we don't expect.
Disability Income insurance is often one of the most overlooked forms of protection yet one of the most important in protecting the most valuable asset a you may have...your ability to earn a living.

And it's not just earning a living, but protecting your income in your occupation as well. The company you work for or own most likely does not offer enough protection to cover your expenses throughout a long-term disability. In fact, if you're highly compensated, it's likely that your group disability benefit does not provide an adequate level of income protection. Contact us to learn how individual disability insurance can help protect your income when a disabling illness or injury keeps you out of work.

In addition, when you're injured or too sick to work, you're usually living on drastically less and contributing little or nothing to your retirement fund. If you'd like to know how you can protect your retirement-plan contributions-as well as those made by your employer-during a total disability, contact us below.

For the working world: business disability insurance protection:

An illness or injury could jeopardize your organization's success and threaten your financial security. When you own or manage a business, you know your involvement is vital to its success. The skills, knowledge and experience you've brought to the business is providing for you and your lifestyle now. Protect your business and your income, protect your key employees' income and the business itself from the financial effects of disability. We offer:

  • Income protection
  • Disability Buy/Out Insurance
  • Overhead Expense Protection
  • Key Person Disability Coverage
  • Group/Employee Coverage
  • Retirement Income Protection
  • Qualified Sick Pay Plans

Contact us to learn how to protect yourself and your business with the type of coverage we offer to keep your business up and running even if you're not.